Founded in 1990, the Company supplies all leading UK manufacturers of lined pipe & fittings and companies worldwide, with standard and special moulded products. We also supply to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and major Valve and Pump manufacturers.

PTFE Developments Ltd. produce complete products, often under our customer's own brand name, as well as lining free issue steelwork.

Many major companies in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries use our products even though they may not realise it. We have one of the largest moulding capabilities for melt processable fluoropolymers, able to produce moulds of 20kg in one shot.

Mouldings are available in PFA (Virgin & Antistatic), FEP, PVdF, ECTFE, ETFE & PP. FDA approved materials are supplied in many applications as required.

Full in-house tool production allow us to readily and economically produce new designs. Whilst our comprehensive tooling from under Ø5mm to over Ø900mm allows us to produce new equipment and fittings with little or no tooling costs.

We excel in one-off specials without the high initial cost normally associated with the production of moulded fittings.

Our machining capabilities allow us to produce both lined and unlined products in a variety of materials including Stainless Steel and Hastelloy.